About Us

Something Different

Cappuvino is more than just a  restaurant and bar. We cater equally to daytime coffee and lunch connoisseurs, as much as those seeking a twilight tipple.


We aim to seamlessly transition from morning to midnight, expressing comfort and quality in all that we do; from our ample easy-chairs to our exclusive wines and cocktail blends. Our menu has been expertly developed by our expert chef, following years of exploring foods from different countries around the world.


We carefully select our beer from award-winning local businesses, and through years of tasting experience, have perfectly aged wines in our cellar for you to enjoy.

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Comfort & Customer Environment

Every aspect of the bar has been carefully considered with many months in the planning.

Sound System - We have an amazing Bose sound system designed by Showman, who designed and installed the 2019 sound system for the private stage at Glastonbury, where celebrity performers are entertained and listen to performances. This was installed & designed to provide superb quality background music wherever you are seated or stood in the room so that all our customers can enjoy quality conversations, even when in close proximity to a speaker.

Furniture - From the very start of our vision for Cappuvino, we decided that all our furniture must have padded seats and backs on all of the chairs to maximise the comfort for our customers. We sourced the highest quality furniture from Europe and took the time to personally select furniture with the perfect combination of elegance, embrace and exclusivity. Our booths are completely unique and were made to order on-site, as we wanted our guests to enjoy a more intimate yet sociable space, whilst still being able to pass the time by people-watching, whether by day or by night.

Lighting - The unique internal lighting design was specially designed to automatically dim at different rates, depending on the type and location of the lights during the day. As day turns to evening, our bespoke system will intuitively create a cosy ambience, perfect for the warm chatter of an evening with friends.

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Our Coffee

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Sourcing our beans - We thoroughly research the origin of each coffee bean in order to find great coffee farmers. We also ensure that every step in the journey to the perfect cup of coffee is sustainable and fair, so that by enjoying every bean that reaches its final destination (your cup!) you're supporting the livelihood of a farmer. It's more expensive to source coffee this way but we believe that our efforts in supporting local farmers and communities, protecting land and water, and improving various incomes are a necessary part of being a responsible coffee business.

Ensuring the best quality - We are committed to selecting and bringing you coffee of the best quality. We carefully select farms and lots that adhere to our speciality coffee standards, which means that only the ripest cherries are hand-picked and that the lots are 100% traceable.